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1: Why is the relation in 1NF? State the reason briefly?
2: Is the relation in 2NF? State your reason briefly with example?
3: Decompose the relation to 3NF. State the reason why the decomposed connection is in 3NF?
Find the names of items sold on the first and second floor. For each department, list the
department name, and the average salary of the employees is higher, the name and remuneration
of the managers with no more than ten employees. List the names of the employees who earn
more than any employee in the Deliver department.
4: Relational algebra is a language used to manipulate relational databases. Describe the purpose
of the following commands in relational algebra?
* Select
* Join
* Union
5: What function does an attribute of an entity perform in a DBMS?
6: What is deadlock? When might a deadlock occur? Provide an example?
Ans1: 1NF stands for "First Normal Form". It is a relation between the relational databases. Link
in first standard form can only be obtained if and only if the attributes contain domains which is
an intangible value, but the attribute value provides at—least a single cost that forms area.
Ans2: 2NF stands for "Second Normal Form". A relation is only said 2NF if first, it is in 1NF. In
the second standard form, the attribute which is the non-prime number is solely dependent on the
candidate key. No redundancy of data is present in the second standard form.
Ans3: 3NF stands for "Third Normal Form". The third standard form may be defined as if there
is no dependency of any non-prime attributes, or it may also be defined as if any condition holds
at least one function of non-trivial numbers which is dependent on the X belongs to Y:X which is
known as a super key.
Ans4: Commands *SELECT: The select command is used to select the data from the database.
*JOIN: The command join is used to combine the rows from two tables and in which column is
related to them.
*Union: The operator union command combines a set of result for two or more statements.
*PRODUCT: Product can be only in the form of table or column.

Ans5: In database management system the entities which are represented in the tables are known
as attributes, and all the attributes contain values .let's take an example of it an object of student
can contain class, names and ages but at least there exist values which assign attributes.
Ans6: Deadlock: The term deadlock occurs when the multiple processes try the same resource at
the very same time. So one process should have to wait while the other method is completing the
task, the best way to avoid the deadlocks reduce the lock as much as you can.

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