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Engaging Satire Topics to write

Many students struggle to choose or come up with satirical topics for their essays. This is because some learners do not understand the meaning of sarcasm. But, to compose an article and reiterate the basics of the topic, learners need to know the term's usage.

The subjects of satirical essays are humorous. Writing on these subjects makes the readers laugh. While writing on these topics, learners can also spot the shortcomings of a person and make fun of them in some ways. If you have been asked to write a satirical essay, paper or speech, here are good satirical topic ideas from our VAH academic writers.

What is a Satire essay?

Satire is a literary device or genre employed by many professional writers. This style is aimed explicitly to annalise the critical aspects of an individual or a group of individuals for their faults, wrongdoings or shortcomings.

Satire is usually used to shed more light on important societal, political or cultural issues. A satirical essay is a type of essay that employs tools such as satire, humour, and irony to make fun of a particular person, situation, or ideology. It makes fun of specific people or situations nobly and sarcastically.

satire topics

What are the main elements of a satire essay?

When students write satire essays, they need to consider the following features:

  • Satire essays rely on irony, inflation, comic juxtaposition, humour, parody, and the grotesque.
  • Satire letters are based on moral reform.
  • A Satire letter must contain humour to change society, especially when the humour is in the humour.
  • Such essays are usually directed towards the community and not an individual. In most cases, newspapers target politicians, arrogance or adulterers.
  • A Satire essay refers to a satirical situation, so the reader has to choose humour to pay attention to the nature of the paper.
  • In most cases, irony and wit are exaggerated in this writing to expose the reader to the peculiarities of those he directs in society.

How to Write a Satirical Essay: Writing Tips

Wondering how to write a satirical essay? Even though it may seem like a daunting task, writing a satirical essay can be a smooth process once you apply the following tips:

Choose an original and relevant topic

So it would help if you wrote a satirical essay. The first step is to choose your topic. In some cases, your teacher or professor may assign you a topic, but more often than not, you will need to develop your topic.

In this case, choose the area you want your essay to concentrate on. For example, depending on your wants, you can focus on political or social status.

However, choosing a topic you are familiar with is advised. That way, it will be easier to dig up facts and evidence to support your point.

Consider your audience

The focus of your essay is on your audience. Therefore, you must consider them at each stage of the writing process. For example, is your essay aimed at high school students or college professors?

Will it be read by professionals or just your fellow students? Again, identifying and considering your audience will help set the appropriate tone for your essay.

You can avoid using a casual tone if your target audience is primarily fellow students and friends. However, if you expect professionals to read your work, it is recommended that you use a more formal tone of voice in your essay.

Add lots of humour

What makes a satirical essay so interesting? Is it the subject or the writing style of the author? Well, the prominent spice of any satirical essay is its liberal use of humour. You want your audience to laugh at the ridiculousness of a specific person or situation. Thus, the best way to achieve this goal is to apply tools such as irony, sarcasm and exaggeration.

When used tactfully, these tools can have the desired effect on readers.

Stick to simple facts

Since satirical essays use tools like humour and exaggeration, it's essential to stick to plain facts when writing your essay. Adding false theories or outright lies to your essay will only make it invalid in a court of public opinion.

As such, it is essential to state only those facts that can be supported by solid evidence. For greater credibility, cite your source stating statistics, theory or opinion.

This will assure your audience that your essay is credible. If you do not find facts or evidence to support a particular argument, you should avoid including it in your essay.

Use ELP Format

The ELP format is a great way to ensure that your satirical essay is professional and of stellar quality. Ethos, Logos, and Pathos are abbreviated as ELP.

These three elements are essential to your essay and can make or break your work. But how and when do you use them in your writing?

Ethos informs readers about the current issue and their pre-existing beliefs. Thus, this tool should be used in the introductory part of the essay to lay the foundation for the readers.

The logo provides the audience with pure facts and figures, adding credibility to your work.

Pathos, as the word implies, will arouse your audience's appropriate emotions and feelings. So, whether you are trying to evoke sadness, empathy or anger, using this tool properly will help you achieve your goal.

What Goal Should You Accomplish in Writing a Satire Essay?

Even if you unexpectedly come across an article like this, it's hard not to think about what the instructor expects of you. It is a creative work centred on a specific issue that uses exaggeration and humorous methods. Looks fun. The primary point of composing a clever satirical exposition is to draw the reader's connection to a specific political figure, superstar, or any branch of knowledge with the help of language exceptional. The satire mercilessly condemns human shortcomings and indecency. It laughs at people's pessimistic features, terrible miracles, deceivers, liars and double-crossers. This kind of work is not easy. Most students find this the most challenging part of composting as one needs to test the inside and out on the point and conceptualise ideas on the best way to present it in a humorous tone. This would be much easier if the main objective you needed to accomplish were to make the reader laugh. Nonetheless, a satirical article is not just about ridicule. The elegantly composed comic works focus on the authentic and essential things by presenting them curiously and cleverly.

Interesting satirical essay topics for college students

Are you struggling to think of any satirical project ideas? It can be challenging to think about issues and topics off the top of your head. So we've thought of some possible categories and topics for you to get some inspiration.


  • How does history affect society today?
  • How could World War II have been different?
  • What if slavery had never been abolished?
  • What can we learn from the Berlin Wall today?
  • Was Alexander the Great that great?
  • Holocaust and what do we know.
  • How Adolf Hitler rose to become a national leader.
  • Best and World US President.
  • The role of the royal family then and now.
  • A most significant event in history.

Social issues

  • Is it finally time for gun control?
  • Vegetarianism and meat-eating.
  • Is there an obesity epidemic in our country?
  • Should healthcare be free for all?
  • Cyberbullying: Let's talk about it.
  • We are legalising medical marijuana.
  • Euthanasia and its place in today's society.
  • Gender Equivalence: Be who you want to be.
  • Big brands stop animal testing.
  • Why poverty is not just a third-world problem.


  • Let's talk about global warming.
  • Do we need the ozone layer?
  • Let's help the environment by banning cars.
  • Is recycling making a big difference?
  • Alternative energy vs fossil fuel.
  • Why are current waste disposal methods garbage?
  • Catastrophic loss of biodiversity.
  • Water Pollution: There is not much fish in the sea.
  • Is climate change real?
  • Together, we can stop pollution.

High school satire topics

Don't be upset if your professor or teacher asks you to make up a satirical topic to write about. These are good satirical topics for your level:

  • Please open your eyes wide your eyes: robots will enslave us
  • Why you should put down an electric vehicle for that smoking car
  • Facebook's five-hour shutdown did not affect any business, only Mark Zuckerberg
  • how to embarrass yourself in front of your friend with style
  • Ten Reasons Why Teachers You Hate About Are So Rich
  • Working late is one way to stay healthy
  • To get Elon Musk's money, you have to be like him
  • When Google showed Trump the result of a "stupid" search, he was jealous because the idiot factored in Trump.
  • It will help if you don't use your nasal mask, as it is a way of spreading COVID-19
  • Don't get the vaccine. You'll Lose Your Erection like Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend or Friend's Cousin.

Need help with your satire essay topics?

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