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Great Discursive Essay Topics for high Grade

Generally, you will need to write an essay if you are studying for an academic degree. This academic paper comes in various forms, including a discursive essay. The question might arise about what a discursive essay is? In short, it is a formal letter that expresses the author's neutral position concerning a subject. If you are wondering how to write a discursive essay, there are several standard options:

  • Expressing one's own opinion on the subject
  • To argue for or against the case
  • Presenting some problem solutions

Unlike a persuasive essay, a top-level discursive essay usually has a calmer tone. Also, it is best to avoid slang and ananother informal language in a paper like this. If you need the best results, you can either order an essay or spend the time learning the main rules of writing a discursive essay yourself.

What is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is another type of academic paper used to check the skills and knowledge of the students. Its main feature is the purpose of provoking discussion on the call-off topic. As a result, the writer engages in conversation about any situation, issue, problem or problem.

In addition to showcasing your choices and unique ideas, this type of paper is designed to highlight your ability to gather and use arguments. So such a task is theoretical and practical for students, regardless of the year of study.

Types of discursive writing

For and against discursive writing

Writing articles with the above subject line involves students being assigned a specific topic and asked to give supporting and opposing views. In other words, students must write down the subject's positive and negative aspects. Undoubtedly, writing this type of academic paper requires hard work and practice from the students. For example, if you are asked to write the pros and cons of a discursive essay, you would divide the essay into three parts. The first part is known as an introduction, and you must explain the topic's importance in this part. The second part is called the body, and you have to write your own opposing and supporting views about the subject. Finally, the last part is the Conclusion; you must summarise your topic in this section.

Argumentative discursive writing

As we know that any issue has two main aspects. While writing an argumentative essay, the students must argue on both these sides of the issue. In some cases, the students must balance these two aspects. On the other hand, there are some cases in which students are asked to present more force on one specific side of the issue than on the other. The two main models of argumentative writing are the Tolman and Regrian models.

Opinionated discursive writing

In this type of essay, students are asked to present their theories. They provide the opinions of famous authors while presenting their theories. The primary purpose of this type of writing is to support one's views with the help of expert individuals' thoughts. The students must do adequate research and work to write an academic paper adopting this type of writing.

Descriptive discursive writing

The primary purpose of descriptive writing is to describe a person, place or thing. A person, place or thing is described so that a picture of this place, person or thing is formed in the readers' mind. To capture an event with the help of descriptive writing, you must pay close attention to the event's details using your five senses. This type of writing is helpful for the students to generate interest in their academic papers.

How to Start a Discursive Essay?

Before you begin your writing, you should take several necessary steps. First, don't think you can write multiple pages about whatever you want and expect a positive score. A discursive essay is not an easy task. If the author wants to make an excellent paper, he should follow a plan like this:

Choose a Topic

The main advantage of a critical essay is that it can be devoted to any topic. But on the other hand, this is a disadvantage for a student: he must think about many issues and express his feelings correctly. There are two options for you: You can choose a theme from the list or use your unique theme. Both options are similar in effort and require special skills.

Write an Outline

It doesn't matter that this essay is concise, but the writer should create an outline. This type of blueprint contains the basic structure of your future paper and a brief description of each part. All types of discursive essays include an introduction, body and Conclusion. So the structure is the same as other academic papers. All parts of the structure perform precise functions:

  • The introduction announces the topic and your primary questions to be described in the paper;
  • The body includes arguments and a thesis statement to be discussed;
  • Conclusions require the author to share their choices and findings on their topic.

Notice 3-5 main ideas in the body

These arguments are your power to prove or disprove the statements made about you. Make sure that the strong arguments allow the writer to feel free and discuss the topic enthusiastically. Having 3+ contracts for views and 3+ against views would be great.

Write the Draft of Your Essay

You can quickly write a complete critical essay with arguments from both sides. Follow the main structure and connect all of your ideas to ensure readers are in on your skills.

Draw conclusions

Your last statements must be unique. Use your thoughts to finish the paper and express your feelings about your topic. Make sure you can make fantastic final paragraphs with excellent arguments. Also, don't forget to highlight the value of your paper and the topic about which you have shared your opinion.

Proofread Your Essay

You may hardly notice your misprints or mistakes when you are enthusiastic about writing. So you will need to read your paper several times to ensure it is correct.

So writing a thought-provoking essay is quite a difficult task. The paper is short, but you need to pay attention to each sentence and check the main arguments and relevance to the core topic.

Discursive essay topics: Best ideas

By all means, a beneficial discursive essay sample is a life saver for a student. Fortunately, there are many intriguing and entertaining critical essay topics. The key to success is choosing a topic that astonishes you! Here are some illustrative essay examples for creative writing.

Health Topics

  • Effects of weighted blankets on our mental and physical condition
  • Are Too Many Skincare Treatment Steps Necessary?
  • The boom of SPF products and its consequences
  • The K-Pop Reign and the Epidemic of Skin Bleaching
  • Baby Sensory Videos: Short-Term Pleasures or Long-Term Nightmares?
  • Is listening to healing frequencies just a trend?

Education Topics

  • How do students suffer from teachers' professional distortion?
  • Are there alternatives to modern classes?
  • The harmful effect of excessive school noise on academic performance
  • How can we stop modern students from treating online lectures like podcasts or background noise?
  • What's wrong with beauty pageants in educational institutions?
  • Should teaching techniques vary to cater to students with ADHD?
  • Do individual prerogatives of some students negatively affect group well-being?

Technology Topics

  • Should metaverse educational institutions replace traditional institutions?
  • Why are so many people sceptical about NFTs?
  • Potential dangers and possibilities of deep fake technology
  • No more nightmares? Sleep engineering and quality of rest
  • Eye in the sky: do drones take away our privacy?

Essay topics for college

  • Is it wrong when parents exploit their children to gain followers and likes on social media?
  • Need for Mental Health Day in Schools and Universities
  • Is it possible to lengthen Generation Z's attention span?
  • Why do university graduates overestimate their future salaries?
  • What makes distant workers protest against going offline again?
  • Is it time to move away from the hustle culture?

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