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When it comes to international tours, everyone needs a visa to fly to foreign countries. Each country has different and complex procedures to apply for a visa. At the same time, only a few countries allow entry without a visa. 

Visa is an official document that the government issues. It grants permission to foreigners who are looking to visit the country. Visa contains information about the date and duration for which a visitor can stay in the country. Every person needs a visa to migrate to other countries. Different types of visas will be issued by the government depending upon the reason for the visit. There are different types of visas, and each type of visa involves different rules and regulations.

The list of visa are as following;-

  1. Employment Visa

  2. Student Visa

  3. Business Visa

  4. Project Visa

  5. X/ Entry visa

  6. Tourist Visa

  7. Research Visa

  8. Transit Visa

  9. Conference Visa

  10. Medical visa

Types of visas in detail.

Employment visa

The government gives employment visas to provide work permits to foreign workers. This type of visa will be issued to skilled and qualified professionals. In most cases, workers will be appointed by an organization or company before applying for a visa for any country. Each country has their restrictions regarding employment visas. 

For example, in India, the contract of employment visa will remain valuable until five years from the date of issue.

Students Visa

 The student visa will be given to individuals looking to pursue their further studies in a foreign country. Students need to show their student visas while enrolling in any foreign university. Every country has different immigration laws for those who enter the country for study purposes. 

Business Visa

As the name reflects, "Business visas" are documents issued to those who travel from abroad to engage in business-related activities like negotiating the contract, research, or establishing any profit-making deal in the nation.

Project Visa 

Project visa will be attached to the passport of the foreign workers who are employed in training, execution and completion of the project. Workers are primarily involved in the power and steel sector. The validity of the staying period for travellers depends upon the duration of the project sanctioned.

X- Entry Visa

This type of visas is only given in India. The entry visa will be given to travellers of Indian origin and staying in foreign countries. If they wish to travel to India for any purpose, then x- entry visa should be attached with their passports.

Tourist Visa

The territory provides tourist visas or travel visas to foreign travellers who wish to visit the country for a holiday visit and travelling. In this case, the travel period will be pre-decided before the trip starts.

Research visa

The Indian government gives research visas to scholars and professors who wish to visit the country to research any topic. Also, in this case, the duration of the tour will be pre-decided.

Transit Visa

The country will issue this type of visa to give the traveller permission to pass through the area of the international airport. Transit visas are valuable for a brief period. This type of visa service will be given to those who onboard flights in other countries.

value assignment help has been serving as an assistance provider for the last several years for the betterment of students. So in this article, our primary focus will be on a student visa. Each nation has different rules and guidelines for foreign travellers according to their purpose of visit. Many international students have also gone through numerous difficulties in applying for student visas. It also varies depending on the country in which the student is residing.

Who needs VISA guidance?

To study in foreign countries, students need a proper visa. Without having a proper visa, the student cannot enter a foreign land. value assignment help provide detailed guidance to students who wish to study abroad. In addition, we have qualified mentors in our team who have excellent knowledge about immigration guidelines of the different study nations. 

Visa guidance by Value Assignment Help.

When a student wants to visit a foreign country for study, They surely need visa assistance. The student should be familiar with all the steps taken in the process to obtain a visa. Nowadays, students depend on the internet to gain knowledge about visas. But this matter needs some severe guidance by professionals. 

Value Assignment Help is the best assignments assistance provider website for students who need help with visas regarding queries. We have visa assistance experts who are qualified up to PhD level. value assignment help provides complete assistance starting from the initial steps of filling the visa form until obtaining the visa. Our notable experts guide students who want to study abroad in renowned U.S.A, Australia, England, and other noticeable countries.

Essential Criteria to get student Visa

  1. The student should be enrolled in any academic learning or vocational course which the government will accredit.

  2. Visa applicants should have enough funds in their accounts which signifies that they can pay high expenses of tuition fees.

  3. Students should have straightforward each process involved in department immigration.

  4. An individual should have a proper understanding of the university guidelines in which he is going to enrol.

  5. Each document should be submitted before the prior date of submission.

  6. All the documents must be received by the concerned department of the particular country. 


Studying in an international institution can provide you with an internationally recognized degree. The dream to study abroad comes with several consequences.

Factors affecting the life of international students abroad are;

  • It is tough to find proper accommodation in foreign countries.

  • Managing financial crises

  • Climate change will be hard to adopt

  • Sometimes students feel left alone in foreign countries.

In the pandemic crises, when every international student wants to be in their native country. Students faced difficulties in returning to their homes. This time even PR holders are suffering. Entry for PR holders is restricted from May 2021 in some countries like the U.S.A.

During the pandemic situations, thousands of tourists were stuck in foreign countries. Many people find difficulties in survival. So they start finding small labour to survive in foreign countries. Some tourists started working in supermarkets to earn some money for their survival. 

For the last two years, international visitors have suffered a lot from the ups and downs in the guidelines given by the immigration department of different countries. Everyone had faced the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether a tourist or a student who wants to pursue their studies abroad. 

Value Assignment Help is the best assignment provider company in the market; we also cater visa assignment help to students who wish to go abroad for study reasons. Full assistance regarding visas will be provided from scratch to the end. Students will never be left unsatisfied by our visa guidance services. 

value assignment help had helped hundreds of students to flourish their dream of pursuing studies abroad.  



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