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What are Generic Conventions - types and importance

Is it the weekend again, or are you watching more shows and movies to relax? We all love to watch series, dramas, movies and much more, whether Sunday or Monday. Although; Many of us are concerned about the steps, processes or methods involved.

When producing such an ideal show or series, many elements are involved that make them more engaging and interesting. Among many components, generic conventions are one of them and are widely used. Now, you might be interested to know the process, so let's satisfy your curiosity by disclosing all the relevant information with the help of this blog. So, stay tuned till the end.

What Are Generic Conventions?

Generic conventions are the factors that help the reader identify the style of writing, which can also be considered as the characteristics expressed by texts. They keep the subjects in a particular style. All students studying art or literature must thoroughly understand Generic conventions. They are precious to film, drama or story makers and the audience.

Main Types of Genres

Fiction - This looks at the process in which imaginary and often magical ideas will be created that do not resemble a living person or event. In addition, the novel looks at the social association of specific personalities and emotions.

Mystery - This mode creates excitement and curiosity in the readers' minds to manage the suspense-filled climax.

Adventure - It is full of events and characters who are likely to live a life that is full of excitement.

Tragedy - This type of style uses tragic situations to explain the emotional breakdown of people.

Self-Help - It looks at books and writing styles that provide professional guidance related to specific life events and situations.

Biography - It explains the life history of the people who shaped human life in a meaningful process.

Types of Generic Conventions


The theme is the main idea or point of view presented in the literature, which can be depicted directly or indirectly. It is a primary theme of the work, specified in one word, like anger, solitude, love etc.

By reading work, you can understand how the content works. The subject matter is grouped into sets of thematic concepts and statements. While thematic concepts refer to understanding, thematic statements provide knowledge of the subject in question.


Iconography is a Generic convention that deals with recognition, narrative, subject interpretation, classification, visual context, and symbols. It identifies the concepts and imagery used by an author in his works.


Of all the Generic Conference deals, characters are the most important. The character can be any animated person or slender in the story. The character can be an animal, human or any creature. Writers express their thoughts through characters.

The characters are subjected to action and dialogue for the flow of the story. Even with a single character, a story can be meaningful. As the story flows, the character is bound to display their struggle with the inner self or some other external condition or factor. The story is built around the protagonist - the main character uses other characters.

 There are usually two main characters in a story, one is the protagonist, and the other is the antagonist. The protagonist is often portrayed as the protagonist, while the antagonist is an antagonist who creates challenges and obstacles for the protagonist.


This general tradition is where the plot or primary plot is formed. A well-organized artwork or piece of literature starts with the right setting. If enough effort is not given to the setting, the entire effort of construction work will end in a disaster. In addition, the setting is what provides key features in your literature or artwork, such as concepts, tone, emotion, and more. Therefore, the setting plays an essential role in establishing the story of any literature or artwork.

Importance of Generic Conventions from the perspective of the audience

The audience is exposed to a wide range of subject matter and must ensure that certain writing styles are maintained per the writing style. It will be essential to appeal to the sensibilities and needs of audience members and create a primary means of connecting with the audience. As such, general conventions will ensure that the audience's sensitivities and needs are properly understood and effective writing styles are adopted. When managed, developing an effective writing style will ensure the audience is at ease in enjoying the author's ideas.

In addition, general conventions will provide direct and specific guidelines of basic writing norms that authors must follow. This will ensure that writers can deal with long-term evaluations of core qualities that are part of writing conventions and work criteria. Furthermore, such writing standards will ensure that writers can properly focus on basic guidelines in each genre.

Making use of Generic Conventions in writing

When Generic conventions are used properly, the writing style will be engaged within the aspects of settings in writing, dialogues, visual appeals, character development, narration, sounds, etc. This would mean that the Generic convention would explain and define specific features to be introduced within the people's writing style.

Writers need to work to ensure that there will be a proper association of the audience's tastes related to genres. It will improve the writing style of the writers and create engaging content that matches the audience's expectations. Writers should follow the description of each style within their writing.

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