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Safety Management Assessment Online

Task 1 – Work Health and Safety Management Plan

Instructions to Learners:

• This summative assessment can be completed in class or at any other convenient location.

• Students are required to complete this task using digital tools and ensure to submit in an acceptable format, e.g. .docx, .pdf, .pptx, or as advised by your assessor.

• Please use the following formatting guidelines to complete this assessment task:

▪ Font Size: 12; Line Spacing: Double; Font Style: Times New Roman

• Assessment activities can be completed either in a real workplace environment or in a simulated environment such as your classroom. In both cases, appropriate evidence of the assessment activities must be provided.

Instruction to Assessors:

• You must assess the student’s assessment according to the provided Marking Criteria.

• You must complete and record any evidence related to assessment activities including role-plays and presentations using appropriate forms which must be attached with student assessment submission.

• You must provide students with detailed feedback within 10 working days from submission.

For an organization, you have access to or a simulated business where this access is not available, review the WHS practices in place and develop Work Health and Safety Management Plan. A template has been provided for the WHS Management Plan.

In order to conduct the review prior to developing the plan, complete the following:

  1.  List the forms, registers, and records that an organization uses to collect information on WHS incidents, injuries, and near misses. How could analyzing these records help the PCBU or health and safety officer improve WHS performance in an organization? 
  2.  How can managers effectively implement and monitor an organization’s WHS procedures and programs in their respective work areas or department? Include the following items in your discussion:

a) What types of work are performed by the organization and within the department or work area selected?

b) What methods could be used to explain WHS legislative and regulatory requirements to the selected department employees?

c) What types of issues have you discussed in WHS meetings? 

 d) What types of follow-up action may be required from those meetings?

e) How would a training needs analysis be conducted for an organization? What processes or information would be used to do this?

f) What types of WHS training may be required for employees of an organization?

  • 3. What could be some of the possible outcomes in an organization if risk controls are inadequate? What are the reasons the risk control strategies of an organization may be inadequate?
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