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It defines the activities involved in introducing a product to the world, its target group & creating a geographical presence.

As Regis McKenna says 'Marketing is everything '. A product or services may be high on quality, but without a proper marketing strategy, it will not be able to reach the desired market or demand. Locally there might be people or businesses who can outreach to a set of clients, community or groups but in order to scale out & broadcast the products to a broader market & reach your visioned objective, it involves proper scaling & understanding of factors that impact the same. These needs meticulous planning & thus, marketing strategies get evaluated for execution in a time-bound manner with a specific objective to reach the "desired goal."

Questions: 1. Implement Financial plan.  Identify financial information requirements and obtain specialist services as required, to profitably operate the business in accordance with the business plan.Produce financial budgets or projections, including cash flow estimates, as required for each forward period, and  distribute to  relevant people in accordance with  legal requirements.Negotiate, secure and manage business capital to best enable implementation of business plan.

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Q2: These are  the five specialist services  which are required  to profitably operate  company  are as follows:

Answer: Financial services : the  service of  financial adviser will help the company in dealing information about the financial situation of their business  and also provide various informatio ...

Q3: Budget: it can  be defined as the estimation of possible  costs and revenue that will be increased for performing the activities of business for the particular period of  time. 

Answer: The main points to be covered   during the preparing a financial budget: Budget depend on two factors that are first accurate estimation of figures. According to goals and the objective of t ...

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