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Managing Guide the workforce of an organization

BSBHRM513 Manage workforce planning

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to manage planning in relation to an organization's workforce including researching requirements, developing objectives and strategies, implementing initiatives, and monitoring and evaluating trends.

It applies to individuals who are human resource managers or staff members with a role in a policy or planning unit that focuses on workforce planning.

No licensing, legislative, or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication. Elements

To achieve competency in this unit students must demonstrate their ability to:

  1.  Research workforce requirements
  2.  Develop workforce objectives and strategies
  3.  Implement initiatives to support workforce planning objectives
  4.  Monitor and evaluate workforce trends

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

  • review and interpret information from a range of internal and external sources to identify:
  • current staff turnover and demographics
  • labor supply trends factors that may affect workforce supply
  • organization's workforce requirements objectives and strategies
  • manage workforce planning including developing, implementing, monitoring, and reviewing strategies to meet workforce needs
  • review relevant trends and supply and demand factors that will impact an organization 's workforce
  • develop a workforce plan that includes relevant research and specific strategies to ensure access to a skilled and diverse workforce.

Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once. Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

  • explain current information about external labor supply relevant to the specific industry or skill requirements of the organization
  • outline industrial relations relevant to the specific industry
  • describe labor force analysis and forecasting techniques.


General Assessment Information

This information is designed to provide you with a full overview of the tasks you need to successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit.

You must achieve satisfactory performance in each of the assessment tasks in order to be deemed competent in the relevant unit. Where necessary, the assessment tasks are divided into parts or steps. These are designed to take you through a step-by-step approach to completing the activities.


First and foremost, please contact your assessor to discuss any necessary adjustments that may need to be made prior to completing these tasks. The instructions for each of the assessment tasks are logically sequenced. If you have any questions, contact your assessor immediately. If there is a practical component to your assessment, you will need to discuss the arrangements for its completion with your assessor in advance.

Assessment Cover Sheet

Once you have completed all of the tasks, complete the Assessment Cover Sheet, sign the declaration, and forward along with your documentation to your assessor. It should be uploaded along with the assessment to the RTO Manager. Submitting Assessment Tasks All written assessment tasks must be typed and submitted with the provided cover sheet. Your trainer/assessor will tell you when assessments are due. It is your responsibility to ensure that assessment tasks are submitted on or before their due date. Extensions for individual assessment tasks may be negotiated with your trainer in specific circumstances. You must request this prior to the due date, and extensions due to illness will require a medical certificate. Extensions will be confirmed by your trainer/assessor. Where assessment tasks are submitted following the conclusion of the unit of competency without a medical certificate or extension, a late submission fee for each assessment task will be charged.

Assessment Outcomes

There are two outcomes of assessment tasks: S = Satisfactory and NS = Not Satisfactory (requires more training and experience).

You will be awarded C = Competent on completion of the unit when you have achieved S for all completed assessment tasks and by meeting all the performance criteria. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will receive the result NYC = Not Yet Competent and will be eligible to be re-assessed according to George Brown College policy.

If you are deemed Not Competent by your assessor and require re-assessment, you will be informed of the process. A fee may be charged according to George Brown College policy. If all assessment tasks are not completed for a qualification, a certificate will not be awarded. A Statement of Attainment for completed units of competency will be provided. 

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