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food safety hazards | management of food safety Hazards

For this assessment, you must complete the following project. This project report forms part of your assessment for this unit and should be completed and presented in a professional manner.
Task 1
Your task is to work in an environment that uses food (this can be a workplace or can be a simulated environment) and then
write a report on the following:

  •  What organizational hygiene procedures were you required to follow?
  •  Did you identify any actions that may breach food safety procedures?
  •  What food safety hazards did you identify that may affect the health and safety of customers, colleagues, and self
  •  What did you do to remove or minimize the hygiene hazard
  •  Did you report any personal health issues likely to cause a hygiene risk?
  •     If so what were they?
  •  Did you report incidents of food contamination resulting from personal health issues?
  •    If so what were they?
  •  What personal protective clothing were you required to wear?
  •  How did you prevent food contamination from your clothing and other items worn?
  •  How did you prevent unnecessary direct contact with ready-to-eat food?
  •  How did you avoid unhygienic personal contact with food or food contact surfaces?
  •  How did you avoid unhygienic cleaning practices that may cause food-borne illnesses?
  •  When did you wash your hands?
  •  What types of handwashing facilities were available?
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