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It defines the activities involved in introducing a product to the world, its target group & creating a geographical presence.

As Regis McKenna says 'Marketing is everything '. A product or services may be high on quality, but without a proper marketing strategy, it will not be able to reach the desired market or demand. Locally there might be people or businesses who can outreach to a set of clients, community or groups but in order to scale out & broadcast the products to a broader market & reach your visioned objective, it involves proper scaling & understanding of factors that impact the same. These needs meticulous planning & thus, marketing strategies get evaluated for execution in a time-bound manner with a specific objective to reach the "desired goal."

Today all the marketers would have to come up along with the great products, and a convincing strategy for doing marketing programs. Global marketing has its disadvantages, but it can yield advantages too. The active or energetic co-ordination can seize the company's best product and also helps in generating new marketing ideas.

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Q2: The company's approaches to global marketing depend on business strategies. Marketing has become a function for the marketers so that they can increase their sales and products; the quality of a product has become much easier to measure the effectiveness of the market. Marketing contributes scale economies and creates a well-designed product, and thus, it will sell to all over the world.

Answer: The customers always desire to buy electronic products at a very affordable or economical price. The customer gets more satisfied if the products are widely or readily available to them. For instance, ...

Q3: This is a highly competitive, multi-million dollar sector, with many of the world’s famous brands. In this assignment, your arguments, findings and recommendations should be supported by theories, facts and figures published within academic books, journal articles, recognized business magazines and market intelligence reports.

Answer: The strategies for marketing are applicable only on identifying and fulfilling the customer’s needs and meanwhile, it also benefits the company too. The marketing management philosophy involves ...

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