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Business Economics online assignment help

Module Code: BUSS1005

Module Name: Business Economics

Level: 5

Max. Marks: 100

Instructions to Student

General Instructions/information for the students for completing the assignment

• Answer all questions.

  • Deadline of submission: 22nd/Nov/2020 23:59
  • The marks received on the assignment will be scaled down to the actual weightage of the assignment which is 50 marks
  • Formative feedback on the complete assignment draft will be provided if the draft is submitted at least 10 days before the final submission date.
  • Feedback after final evaluation will be provided by 6th /Nov/2020

Module Learning Outcomes

The following Los is achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully

  1.  Describe the structure of the business environment and know all its elements.
  2.  Identify and critically analyze various market conditions using theoretical concepts. Assignment Objective

The objective of the assignment is for students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of microeconomic assignments to help the business environment, identify and analyze market conditions using theoretical concepts.

Assignment Tasks

There is a Proposal ( Task 1) and Task 2 to be completed. (Main questions consisting of 2 sections A & section B )

Task 1 :

  1. Submit a work proposal for this assignment or before 15th /Nov/2020 (23:59) which must include:
  • Understanding of deliverables – a detailed description of deliverables.
  • General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of the solution to task 2.
  • Timeline for completion of the given tasks.

The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle. (up to 5 Marks)

2) Task 2 (95 Marks)

Section A

You are required to select an organization operating under the “Oligopolistic and Monopolistic competition” market in Oman and prepare a brief report. The report should contain information from secondary data sources and information available for selected organizations producing goods or offering services in Oman. Further, this report should assess the impact of market structure and competitive factors on the organization/industry and evaluate the organization/industry-sector responses. (In the case of a large organization or industry sector it is permissible to confine your report to part of the organization or industry sector.)

Outline of the report:

i. A brief profile of the organization with a description of the types of products and services offered by the selected organization. Identify the specific market structure of the organization and provide (minimum) three competitors with a brief competitor matrix (In tabular format). (8 marks)

ii. Discuss any four factors affecting the supply of the organization. (8 marks )

iii. State and explain four examples of barriers to entry facing firms wishing to enter a monopoly market or any of the other imperfect markets. (4marks )

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