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How To Study For SAT

How To Study For SAT

Well, you've done it; the date is set. You are going to take the SAT. This test can help make or break your admission in your dream school. Like any other exam, your score should be high and acceptable. Not unlike any other test, this is a test that consists of multiple sections, each graded with different questions that you will never see in any other test.

It requires a study program that you've never seen before. This article will help guide you through the best resources for studying for the SAT, tips and tricks when taking the test, and other options if you still have some concerns about being able to get the grades you desire. 

What is The SAT?

The SAT and the ACT are standard entrance tests for high school students who want to enrol in college after graduation. The test focuses on what you've been learning in high school and what you need to know to prepare for college. An organization that administers the SAT is the College Board.

When students first began taking the SAT in 1926, the acronym stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test. Since then, the test has had several official names, which have been changed due to strong social criticism. Today, the SAT abbreviation means nothing.

Ways to Study for the SAT

The SAT is a generalized assessment, so you don't need to do any specific coursework; Instead, the emphasis should be on skill building. So, start your preparation by working on developing general skills. If you're wondering how to practice for the SAT and what to study for the test, the following information will greatly help you.

If you are weak in English, read and summarize long essays and articles to strengthen your English. For example, read long passages and work on improving sentence clarity, analysis, word structure, word choice, sentence structure etc.

SAT preparation for English is relatively easy, but if you are weak in maths, then how to prepare for SAT as its syllabus is huge and you cannot prepare a complete syllabus. The math assessment includes grid-in and multiple-choice questions where the student must find an answer.

The trick to improving your math skills is to practice topics like linear equations, problem-solving, data analysis, non-linear expressions, exponents, radicals, and other topics that are part of advanced maths. Understanding the basic concepts of each topic will go a long way in preparing for the SAT. If you have time, you can practice a few questions from each of the above topics to increase your chances of scoring a high SAT score. It is best to remember that these approaches are insufficient to strengthen skills in a short period; However, reading and practising in your spare time can take a long way.

Quick Guide on How to Prepare for the SAT

We've listed valuable ways to answer many of your questions about how to prepare you for the SAT best.

Set a goal:

Your SAT score goal is the first step in deciding how to study for the SAT. Many online practice test websites allow you to track your current score. This will enable you to analyze your ​​weakness and what to study for the SAT. Khan Academy offers eight practice tests affiliated with the College Board, so if you're wondering how to prepare for the SAT, this is the best way to study for the SAT. Since this site is affiliated with the official College Board, you'll get personalized recommendations on what areas to work on to improve your SAT scores. After deciding how to start studying for the SAT, you must identify your weaknesses.

Use Online Learning Platforms:

There is a lot of information available on YouTube and other sites which will help you understand the concepts in a better way. So, if you get stuck somewhere, you can quickly look up related information online.

Take notes:

Taking notes is the best way to retain knowledge and understand things better. When you write information down in your own words, you remember the information longer.

Try explaining the concept to someone:

An effective way to reinforce your concepts or learn to explain concepts to someone else. If you are hesitating somewhere, then you are not sure about it.

Use interactive learning

Interactive learning can make the preparation process enjoyable so try to look at the various options available. For example, you can screen-record lectures and compile them easily. While listening to lectures, you can doodle concepts to avoid noting down a large amount of information.

How to Pass the SAT and Get a High SAT Score?

To prepare for the SAT, start three months before test day and aim for a high score. Unfortunately, you'll probably have school or college, so you'll have to manage the preparation or even hire an idiot to do the schoolwork for you. However, if you choose a time when you have a holiday, you can focus more on your practice. Either way, since it's not mandatory, but you're still trying to prepare for it, aim for the highest possible SAT score. Read on to learn some valuable tips and tricks on how to improve your SAT score:

Build Your Vocabulary

The SAT requires that you have an excellent vocabulary to score big in the English section, So read many books in your free time to increase your vocabulary. You can also practice for the SAT to improve your vocabulary because some words appear more often on the test; This way, you can learn the meaning and usage of such words later on the SAT.

Read and write

Read as much as possible; This can be your favourite book, newspaper article, blog or anything that interests you. After reading, summarize what you understood to develop your critical and analytical skills, which are essential for the SAT.


The more you practice, the better your chances of doing well on the SAT.

Don't take stress

Due to stress, you can forget about your preparation, So keep calm and start your preparation months before the exam date. Students should try to rest a day before the exam to prepare themselves mentally for the big day ahead.

Write your way through the numerical

On the day of the exam, you might get stressed due to the chance that you forget an essential step while solving the numerical. So, make sure to write down every step while solving maths questions.

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