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Assignment help MBA402 Governance ,Ethics and Sustainability

Are you pursuing MBA? You don't have time to deal with the MBA402 Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability Assignments?

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What are governance and ethics?

Ethical governance refers to the values ​​and ethical practices, processes, procedures, culture, ways of doing and way of being that ensure high standards of performance, economy, effectiveness, efficiency, quality, satisfaction.

Governance is the set of processes and capabilities necessary to achieve the objectives and responsibilities of any business or organization, whether public, for-profit or for-profit, in the healthcare sector or any other area of ​​economic activity. 

How does corporate governance affect sustainability?

Good corporate governance is essentially based on three examples – economic progress, social development and environmental reform. Good governance ultimately promotes sustainability, creates sustainable values ​​and helps companies achieve these values. Companies also realize long-term benefits, including reducing risk, attracting new investors and shareholders, and increasing the company's equity.

Why is corporate governance ethics important?

Governance refers explicitly to rules, controls, policies and proposals designed to guide corporate behaviour. Proxy advisors and shareholders are important stakeholders who indirectly influence governance, but they are not examples of governance. The board of directors is essential in governance, significantly affecting equity valuation.

The corporate governance of a company is essential to investors because it reflects the direction of the company and the integrity of the business. In addition, good corporate governance helps companies build trust with investors and the community. As a result, corporate governance helps promote financial viability by creating long-term investment opportunities for market participants.

What Are the Roles of Ethics in Business?


In the current era of business transparency, following corporate scandals such as MCI WorldCom and Enron, a business operates ethical guidelines to conduct its accountability for all activities. For example, a business keeps an account of its activities through record keeping activities. In addition, a small-business owner must select at least one officer or employee to charge ethics. This duty may reside in a central office or be assigned to managers of business departments or a mixture of the two views. 


Ethics also serves an essential function in the communication of a small business. For example, employees use formal and informal communication media, such as company grapevines, to explain acceptable norms of behaviour to each other. This grapevine informs all employees how to act in various business situations in a highly ethical organisation. In addition, an entrepreneur may use communication formats such as training programs, meetings, emails and newsletters to share what they need to do to help the company hold its activities accountable to the public.

Social responsibility

Ethical business policies also help a small business demonstrate social responsibility towards consumers. As a provider of services or products, a small agency must choose voluntary actions such as cleaning factories to become renowned for social responsibility. A business may market these voluntary actions to increase consumer confidence in its brand. The small-business entrepreneur is the person who sets the example for all employees in making reliable judgments that are not required by contractual or legal obligations.

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