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Students face difficulty in essay assignment task

International students face difficulty in-class assignments and essay writing tasks.

Years gone by are a witness to how the education industry has swelled into a profitable business opportunity in many countries. With more and more private equity firms flocking the arena, today's education industry stands as a billion-dollar industry offering multiple courses with world-class facilities.

With the increase in demand for foreign education for a better life and exposure, many young minds have flocked to the arena in pursuit of higher studies in a foreign nation.

The journey of pursuing higher studies in a foreign nation by international students is not new. 

International students Statistics and data:

If we were to talk about India alone, the student's data showed a total percentage increase of 22% from 2000 till 2016 - As per UNESCO statistics. The data recorded in 2016 showed a total of more than 3lakhs students taking a flight abroad in pursuit of higher studies.

The table below reflects some of the top destinations for higher education preferred by international students. (Ref- Study guide- 2019’ The data was recorded before the corona Pandemic lockdown and restriction were implemented)



Overseas Students Data


United States of America



United Kingdom











The above table highlights the growing trend for international studies worldwide. With the USA leading the chart among the most favorite destination for foreign studies with almost double than its nearest competitor. The other top countries are UK, Canada, and Australia. However, the thriving education industry took a hit back with countries shutting down the window of foreign travels post, W.H.O declared Corona a worldwide medical emergency, and borders were shut down immediately.

The international student numbers are again rising with relaxation eased by various countries with vaccination being administered to maximum citizens and the public acceptance to get the jab for an end to the crisis. 

value assignment help Expertise: 

value assignment help, for a decade, has been assisting international students traveling to other countries in pursuit of higher education with their online assignment platform and essay writing services. 

With an increase in demand for foreign studies, there also come challenges. Rising numbers have chocked the education infrastructure, and students struggle to cope with the class curriculum as the individual focus becomes rare. Students are left to do their online assignment assigned in the college MOODLE with their understanding and updated instructions. For years we have found students finding it difficult to grasp the pattern and thus falter in the deadline and lose out on the excellent score. value assignment help has launched its online platform for tutoring students in attempting complex essay writing patterns involving vigorous research and original content. With a lack of clarity on the various formats, like which API style to use or which font to use for drafting the content, students cannot cope with the pressure and look for online assistance. value assignment help experts are the best in the world as they are professional academicians, but they also help our students operate the student's Moodle. The direct access to Moodle allows our expert to download the instruction directly instead of delegating the information on the phone that might lead to incomplete information and thus hamper the quality of the essay write-up. 

What other issues do international students face?

With the imposition of lockdown worldwide - students who have returned to their respective countries are finding it difficult to return with some countries still restricting international travel from other countries owing to the surge in Covid numbers or to avoid any potential risk. 

Some of our students have recently called us with the below concerns with their respective college authority.  

  1. The only trouble is that some of the students who have already paid their complete semester fees cannot return are disallowed from online classes. In addition, since colleges have Reopened, students are required to attend the classes physically, and authorities of some of these colleges have barred online classes. 

  2. Owing to the non-attendance of physical classes, some students have dropped out. But students who have already paid the entire fees cannot get a refund or clarity from the fraternity on their future. 

  3. Due to no online classes, students fall back in their class curriculum with less clarity on the subject assignments that are key for scoring good grades.

  4. Multiple deadlines and lack of access to class MOODLE have kept many students stranded in their respective courses, struggling to get information from their respective immigrant agents. 

  5. Even though students' name is struck off the college register the lack of communication have debarred them from taking admission elsewhere with their money stuck and no clarity of academic progression.

  6. Job loss and funds problem 

value assignment help essay writing services for international students : 

We request our students to drop your query with us to provide you with the best solutions on how to progress with your international study visa program. 

value assignment help is trying to help students with their online assignments at the time of crisis and acting as a pivotal guide to mitigating the immediate issues of students.

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