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covid-19 impact on education 2021 | assingnment help online

 As everyone knows, COVID -19 pandemic has led to many changes in our regular lives. One of them is also the education system that has been almost completely changed now, and all of it has become online with schools and colleges shut across the world.

Online classrooms

The education system has been completely changed, and a rise in e-learning can be seen. Also, teaching is undertaken on online platforms like, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meet, etc. The drastic change in the education system and immediate shift to online mode has left many gasping for breath as there was no time to prepare for the sudden change.

People started raising questions- “will traditional Education vanished entirely?” Some wonder whether the adoption of online Education will continue post-pandemic and how such a shift would impact the concept of classroom learning (assignment help) to digital learning. Many believe that a new hybrid model of Education will emerge with new changes. Online learning has its benefits like teachers have a more efficient way to deliver the lesson to the students with the use of various tools, like – videos, PDF's, podcasts.  Teachers are also at liberty to change the outdated information with real-time learning data. Other advantages of online Education can be seen from the fact that students can learn more efficiently from home comfort without spending time or harassing through the traffic to reach school or colleges.

Online education cannot replace the personal touch.

Online Education is gaining ground with more institutions adapting to the culture, looking at the uncertainty of the spread of pandemic and its hazardous impact. But online Education is not barred from ill effects. Online Education has reduced physical activities and has left them confined to a static place. Further, data availability and cost of data are additional burdens that most people are not ready to spend. One of the grave drawbacks of Online Education is that it cannot replace the personal touch.

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