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How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Best Tips and Tricks

Do you have a lot of research to synthesise but don't know how? Or maybe you're unsure what a synthesis essay is and how to write it.

We know that writing a synthesis essay is not easy; it is challenging for most of us. But it can be entirely done with the proper guidance and preparation.

This blog will walk you through all the information you need to prepare a complete synthesis essay so that you can confidently complete your tasks! Let's get started.

Synthesis essay

What is a Synthesis Essay?

Writing a synthesis paper is just like forming any other type of thesis. A synthesis essay is, by definition, a written discussion of ideas. They draw on two or more sources from academic papers, fiction, speeches, interviews, articles, lectures or commentaries.

In other words, if you have two visions from a similar topic, you can separate the core of what you're trying to say. For example, you might have a paper that examines smartphone use in the modern world and another on the rise of teens in social media. After synthesising the information, you can develop a joint thesis such as Smartphones and social media are not destroying a generation.

What details should you have in a synthesis essay?

Relying on the assignment, you may need to include several factors in your synthesis essay. Here are some common factors that you can include in this type of essay:

Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is the main objective of your essay. After reading several lessons and information on why your claim is valid, this could be a claim you make.

Introduction: Introductions are where you can ensure the reader is interested in your topic to continue reading. These may include thesis statements to show the reader what they can expect.

Body Paragraph: Body paragraphs include citations, summaries, paraphrasing, and other text analysis. Consider showing how these other readings support the claim you are making.

Conclusion: Your conclusion may include a review of the critical points of your essay, along with reiterating why your thesis is valid. Consider rephrasing your thesis here in a new way to provide a different angle on your topic.

Sources: To avoid plagiarism, include a list of the sources you used to write your essay. State the author's name, the text's title, and the publication date, among other information, depending on the format.

Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas

Social Media Essay

  • Does Facebook Make People Less Social?
  • How does Instagram affect African American girls' black beauty standards and self-representation?
  • How does social media impact the academic performance of children aged 10-17?
  • Is Facebook a threat to people's privacy?
  • Does YouTube Influence Young People's Shopping Habits?
  • How did the profession of journalism change because of social media?

Technology essay

  • Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  • How has technology changed due to the development of artificial intelligence?
  • What threats to personal privacy do drones represent?
  • Do modern computer technologies contribute to the gap between rich and poor?
  • How does machine learning affect business productivity?
  • Does technology fuel a culture of entertainment?

Ethics and Morality Synthesis Essay

  • How does complaining affect people's sense of happiness?
  • Should people care about their clothing makers' health and working conditions?
  • Is nature more important than nurture?
  • Is talent more essential than hard work when one wants success?
  • Should convicts have the right to vote?
  • Should people consider the sustainability of a business's product before buying it?

Synthesis Essay Writing Tips

Here are some tips to help our students write a synthesis essay. A few of the pointers are listed below. 

Choose good sources.

You want to use sources with helpful information. The data must be valid and not proven wrong elsewhere. Don't be afraid to do extensive research. Read extensively, then synthesise the information.

Having an outline is essential.

By designing a synthesis essay, you will get a basic idea of ​​how to manage your thoughts. You will also know whether your essay has enough marks or if you need more. Then, with an overview of the topics, you can organise them in any structure you like best.

Write a compelling introduction.

You need to connect your reader to the first line. Then, use any of the methods above to develop an opening line that makes the reader want to read more. Make your thesis effective, too, and if you can tap into their feelings, even better.

Use precise vocabulary.

The essay aims to express the connection between ideas and persuade its readers to a particular conclusion. You do this by using precise language that creates striking mental pictures. It also means avoiding slang. Use as few words as feasible to express your message without losing clarity.

Use proper paragraph structure and clear sentences.

Sentences should not be too long or short. Make a clear topic sentence at the start of your paragraph. Discuss the topic in detail, then finish. Avoid sections that are too long as they demoralise the reader. Simple sentences are better than complex sentences with many parts.

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