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Role play the listed scenarios | classroom management

You are required to role-play the listed scenarios to demonstrate that you understand and display the knowledge and skills
on how to follow the below criterion:

  •  organization hygiene procedures
  •  use of safe food handling practices in food handling work functions
  •  personal hygiene procedures such as – hand washing


Scenario 1 – You are a wait staff serving customers in a busy restaurant, before you bring the dishes to customers, you used your hands to cover a cough.
Scenario 2 – You start work as a kitchen hand/chef in a busy restaurant and your boss requested you to clean up the leftover food from last night first.
Scenario 3 – You start work at Qantas in-flight food preparation catering facility in Mascot, but you just finished your morning tea containing peanut.
Your trainer/assessor will guide and observe you when you perform the above actions to determine that you understand and
follow the criterion required. You can discuss your actions while you role-play the scenario.

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